Asked by Kamie  |  Submitted October 02, 2015

Would borrowing a small amount of money help improve my credit score?

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October 03, 2015

Hi Kamie, improving your credit score is a great goal. If you are disciplined one way you could improve your credit score is to open a credit card and pay the balance in full each month. You would request the card company set a very small limit and start with only 1 or a few necessary small purchases you would have otherwise paid by check or cash - like a phone or utility bill. You would pay the credit card balance in FULL each month. This requires you set aside the money for the purchase in your bank account just as you would do if paying by check, cash or debit card so you are guaranteed to be able to pay your credit card in FULL each month. You must be very disciplined and diligent about paying the card - if you question your ability to do so, you should NOT employ this strategy. In fact, you should set up an alarm to pay the credit card balance a few days earlier than the due date to establish good habits & ensure you do not carry any balance. You can start with just 1 small purchase a month until you build up good money habits. The reason this works is a credit card is a loan! A good financial planner will help you create a plan - including steps to improve your credit score, to achieve your unique current and future needs and goals.

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December 01, 2015

Not necessarily, much more info would be needed to answer this question

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