Asked by Richard  |  Submitted March 05, 2018

Would an insurance company be responsible for disclosing damage discovered in an inspection they performed before insuring the home?

My daughter recently purchased a home in Lake Worth, Florida. Prior to closing on the home, she had a home inspection company perform an inspection and the only issues uncovered were some minor roof damage that needed to be repaired. This was addressed with the seller. Before she closed on her mortgage she contacted an insurance company to provide homeowners insurance, they performed their own inspection and disclosed no issues. Now after 2 months they are stating they will cancel her homeowners policy if she doesn't replace the roof completely. We have already arranged for another inspector to inspect the roof and give a report, but in the meantime, she's facing a cancellation of her insurance coverage.

Is the insurance company responsible for disclosing issues they uncovered that would have been a dealbreaker for her when she purchaesed the home?

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