Wisconsin To Launch Student Loan Resource Website

The site will provide help to those with student loan debt

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Wisconsin To Launch Student Loan Resource Website
September 23, 2016

In March, the governor of Wisconsin created the role of student loan debt specialist. This was in response to the growing number of student loan debt graduates in the state. A new website has been developed to help students and graduates learn more about student loans, and how to deal with the debt.

The website, called Look Forward to Your Future, provides information on topics including college planning and financial resources. Cheryl Weiss has been named as the manager of the site.

As the state’s student loan debt specialist, Weiss will work with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, specifically with its Office of Financial Literacy. Her position is described as a clearinghouse for resources and information on student loan debt rather than providing financial advice to students or families.

Information from the White House shows that there are 815,000 students and graduates in Wisconsin with debt from their education. These loans total to $19 billion dollars, with the average student carrying a debt of more than $28,000. The Institute for College Access and Success lists Wisconsin as number three on its list of states with the largest percentages of student loan debt. Seventy percent of all graduates in the state have at least one student loan.

Weiss expects her role to become more visible once the new student loan website launches, later in the month.

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