Who Are Our Social Security Beneficiaries? (Infographic)

Where Social Security Funds Go

Who Are Our Social Security Beneficiaries? (Infographic)
August 29, 2016

Many of us see large chunks of our paychecks go to Social Security. Where does the money go? Learn how the Social Security Administration is giving economic support to Americans workers and their families in our infographic above.

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Daniel | 08.29.16 @ 16:59
Well done, the visual representation here may make it easier to understand where all those dollars are going for some. Crazy though
Jonathan | 08.29.16 @ 16:59
Don't forget the government borrows from it every chance they get.
Brittany | 08.29.16 @ 17:00
This is a great representation and graphic. I'll have to remember this.
irene | 08.29.16 @ 17:00
I thought the retired workers got a bigger share than this. It never occurred to me that some needed to go to children
Carla | 08.29.16 @ 17:02
I think the wage cap should be removed for high earners. Something has to change in order for Social Security to gain some ground. I'm also not surprised that more rural than metropolitan folks draw because more people retire to the country after retirement.
Steffanie | 08.29.16 @ 17:05
I like this infographic. It is really helpful in showing me where all of the money is going. It's good to see where are money is going, but sad to know we will probably never benefit from it. Our government needs to stop dipping their hands in it.
Zanna | 08.29.16 @ 17:23
I do feel that Social Security needs to be fully funded (paid back from all the loans the government has taken. Workers have paid into this in good faith, and using it for other things does not sit well with me. It should be there for those that have funded it, and those that need it the most.
Chrisitna | 08.29.16 @ 18:16
I'm hopeful that the wage cap will be removed for high earners and SS benefits expanded. The money that we've paid in needs to be available to us when we need it.
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