Which College Degree Offers The Best Return? (Infographic)

Average College Costs and Expected Salaries by Major

Which College Degree Offers The Best Return? (Infographic)
August 18, 2016

Since many people go to college to increase their income, we decided to investigate which majors pay off, and which don't. Learn which courses of study return the most and which are the worst investments in terms of expected salary in our infographic above.

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Jonathan | 08.18.16 @ 15:31
A bit surprised by this to be honest.
Brittany | 08.18.16 @ 15:32
This is some great info that I didn't even know about.
irene | 08.18.16 @ 15:32
I'm really surprised that psychologists don't earn more
Kate | 08.18.16 @ 15:33
This is great information. I start school in three days, and I may need to rethink my major. This came at just the right time!
Carla | 08.18.16 @ 15:33
I will share this with my son since he is torn between what his major will be. I'm surprised by some of these.
Steffanie | 08.18.16 @ 15:34
I wish the healthcare workers were higher, but not too shocked by the computer science. Both areas my son is considering.
Erin | 08.18.16 @ 15:35
I'm surprised to see biology so high on the list. I guess it depends on the specifics of what you use the degree for, but I've never known too many people who make much in a lot of the sciences.
trish | 08.18.16 @ 15:35
Something to show the kids, but wonder what this will look like in a few years when they will be choosing their paths
Jo Ann | 08.18.16 @ 15:37
Interesting information. Nice to see future return on education investments. Makes a person stop and think about future earnings a lot.
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