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Where can I purchase tax lien properties and how? Will I have full authorization to sell later? Is this a legit route?

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March 16, 2016

1a: You can purchase tax lien properties from your city/county/parish/etc
1b: Call the tax office and find out how and when they sell them. Most locations now have the properties listed on a website but you may still have to go to their office to see what is being sold. Depending upon your location they may have daily, weekly, or even monthly auctions which typically takes place on the courthouse steps.
2. You do have full authorization to sell the property but in some locations they allow the first owner 30-180 days to pay the balance and get their property back so again, check with your local authorities.
3. There have been many people who have made great profits this way but it is not a risk free investment. Many times you cannot view the interior of the property before you buy it so you do not know the extent in which you will have to remodel in order to sell.
Good luck!

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