Asked by Louis  |  Submitted February 06, 2015

Where can I get help improving my FICO? Is it expensive?

I can't really afford to pay a monthly fee. Is there anyway I can do it myself?

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February 06, 2015

There are lots of ways to do this. The first best step is to obtain a lenders version of a full report. We call this a "tri merge" report as its accesses all 3 main credit bureaus. Once you have this, spend time reading it and understanding it. If there are any incorrect, derogatory items, ask the collection firms/creditors to correct these and to provide you with a letter stating these correction details.

If all the derogatory items are accurate, then there won't be too much you can do other than maintaining good payment history and keeping your balances low as compared to the limits.

What are your scores now?

fyi - there are some credit repair type entities that claim they can repair items that are accurate (but not sure how accurate / reputable ) these claims are. Plus, these always ask for fees to do this.

good luck.

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January 29, 2016

In my opinion, there's little that a "credit repair" firm can do that a consumer can't himself. Get a copy of your report (can pull all three credit bureaus, once annually, for free at which is the government mandated site. Those reports won't show your scores, but are the starting place to see what is reporting. Look it over for inaccuracies. If there are items listed incorrectly, dispute them to the credit bureaus involved, preferably with evidence to prove your point. If you've had late payments, don't have any more. If you don't have three open tradelines (preferably at least one revolving and one installment), get them, even if you need to take out secured credit. Keep balances on all revolving accounts no more than 20% of the credit limit if possible. Just as your credit didn't go bad overnight, it will take a while to gain enough good references to offset the bad ones. Bottom line, do everything right, don't waste money on firms who can't do anything you can't..

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