Asked by Betty  |  Submitted January 19, 2020

Where can I find a finance company to give me a pre-approval letter, so that I can make offers on houses that I like?

I'm trying to find a finance company to see how much I qualify for and get a pre-approval letter to verify the mortgage amount. Thank you for your response.

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January 23, 2020

Use our advanced mortgage calculator takes the guesswork out of how much home you can afford. Then, get free mortgage quotes from the USA's largest network of new home and refinance loan providers.
The tool lets you test various rate, term and payment scenarios to see what fits you best. You can also learn how lenders grade your mortgage application – by Loan-to-Value, Debt-to-Income, Credit Quality, and Special Program suitability. Plus, get tips to qualify more easily. Get the best rate and terms for all loan types – sub-prime borrowers included.

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