Asked by Sarah  |  Submitted September 11, 2015

What would be the best savings account for retirement?

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September 13, 2015

Hi Sarah,

I'd want to know what age you are and what your retirement goals are in order to give you better advice but I can share some examples with you first that offer guarantees, which can be especially important depending on your timeline until retirement.

There is cash-value life insurance that will do several things: 1) Allow you to store your cash in the safest place possible along with earning a guaranteed minimum interest crediting rate as well as dividends - all tax-free growth and access under current tax laws, 2) Allow you to access those funds as you need whenever you want in order to take care of emergencies, invest in other opportunities, such as Real Estate, pay off debt to save on interest, etc. all at any time and well before 59 1/2, and 3) Give you permanent death protection for your family. The options you have with this tool are too numerous to name here.

Another option is to put funds into an annuity - again, you get guarantees on interest rates as well as access to lifetime income that is guaranteed.

There are other options as well but the foundation of these vehicles will allow you to do other things with that money without worrying about losing your precious capital and time to make up the loss. Let me know if I can help you in more detail.

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October 28, 2016

Do not put your money in a whole life policy (cash-value), use any other means of investing. Use roth IRA, IRA, roth 401k, 403b, etc...
Whole life policies are the worst way to invest money!

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