Asked by evaharvey27  |  Submitted February 06, 2016

What will my social security retirement benefit be?

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February 07, 2016

Evaharvey27, great question!

Many of us wonder about what we may receive in social security benefits. While I can't tell you what your specific benefit will be, I can tell you what goes into determining your amount and how to get more info specific to you.

Eva, you asked about retirement benefits. But there are other benefits: disability, survivors, end stage renal disease, blindness and death benefits. Retirement is determined by totaling your annual work history- 40 yrs, then dropping off the lowest earning years or zero year- up to 5 yrs. An average is calculated, and a primary insured amount determined. Now keep in mind, I'm giving you "kiss" version. Going to SSA.GOV, as I mentioned, will allow get specific info based on your work history. You will need to sign up and request your benefits summary.

Like I said great question, and good luck!


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