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what is considered a predatory loan in Iowa?

My mother and father got a loan back in easrly to mid 90's for 47000 dollars.I have paid over 30,000 on it and they have payed over 6000. I think have had it for 9 years and it says it is a 30 year fixed rate mortgage with 7.585 % interest. We are 18 months ahead o payments and they say we still owe over 31000 on it. They told me if they wet back and took all overpaymets off it would come out about they same as what we owe now. Payment is 311.78 a month I don't know what kind of mathe they are dong but that's about 6000 what is it or who can I ask to help my mother with this situation that big corporates won't blow off. I can't understand why the double payments weren't taken off principal when it says right on bill any overpayments I months time will go against principal. Need some advice . Thank you

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May 12, 2014

I would start by asking for detailed transaction history from this lender. This way you can see how the funds received are distributed.

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