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What I should be looking into to start a retirement fund? I am starting at the beginning. What are my options?

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February 02, 2016

To answer your question correctly one would need additional information such as your age, are you employed and if so does your employer offer a retirement plan. As for options depending upon your age if you are young say around 35 or younger I would recommend considering a Roth IRA, or Roth 401(k) if offered by your employer. A Roth (IRS term) allows you to put away money for your retirement with after tax dollars, the benefit is these monies now grow tax free and can be withdrawn after 5 years for certain life expenses such as purchasing a home if necessary. But the key to a Roth is the tax free growth and withdrawal of the monies tax free. It's clear our government is not going to be reducing tax rates in years to come so you may be able to withdraw your money in the future without having to pay taxes on the withdrawal unlike a 401(k) plan that you get a tax deduction for your contribution but must pay tax on the withdrawal.

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