Asked by Leslie  |  Submitted September 29, 2015

What are the best ways to save for the future when you live on a fixed income, such as disability?

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October 01, 2015

The only way to save for the future is to spend less. This is true regardless of the source of your income. If your expenses are greater than your income - regardless of how great that income - think of superstar athletes and actors who have done broke - you will go into debt. Here is an Action Plan: 1. Write down all of your fixed/must expenses - rent, transportation, food. 2. Calculate your after-tax income. 3. Put any surplus into an emergency fund. 4. Identify your discretionary/Want expenses. When you want to save you need to limit your discretionary spending. 5. Identify the amount you will save every month or week. Set this up as an EXPENSE so you "pay" into your saving/investing account without fail. A good financial adviser will set up a plan for you with auto savings for both your emergency fund and future financial goals.

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