Asked by gracie  |  Submitted October 09, 2015

What are some things I need to be sure are included in my home insurance policy? I'm concerned about damage due to severe weather in particular.

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October 27, 2015

Kingman has some extreme temperatures, monsoon once in a great while, wind, and flash floods. Is your house in a flood plane? Get flood insurance from FEMA. What is the deductible - can you afford to pay that if the roof blows off? New roof cost $5000 -$20000 depending if it is composition, or tile, and the square footage. How old is the roof? Is your home on top of a canyon or what... where it is situated and construction type also answer this.

My suggestion: I love knowing my agent and he covers my Mom's house, and my brothers. Its great to know the guy when you have a loss rather than a lizard on the phone... just saying.

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