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Terrance Agnew
Financial AdviserPRO+ in Sierra Vista, AZ

November 25, 2015

Many people when they hear or read about wealth management and/or wealth managers they scoff. They believe wealth management is something only for those who are millionaires or billionaires.

However, wealth management is for everyone. Any family or individual who has acquired property, savings, retirement or college accounts along with liabilities should consider wealth management critical to their and their family’s future well-being.

Wealth management encompasses all facets of a family’s financial life.

Wealth management starts with a comprehensive financial plan. This plan starts by articulating a family’s goals and desires. Short term goals, long term, and special goals (e.g. charitable giving).

The plan addresses asset preservation or protection. How the family protects its various assets, such as their home, income, savings and investments. The types of insurance are required to protect these assets are covered. Where investment and savings accounts are held is critical to asset preservation in order to minimize the impact of taxes. A well thought out, comprehensive plan will address these concerns, maximizing a family’s effort to protect their wealth.

Debt management is another key to comprehensive wealth management. A plan should address the various debt requirements a family faces or may face throughout their lifetimes.

Investment planning addresses how a family will meet their long term goals and takes into account risk tolerances and timelines required to achieve those goals.

An estate plan is the capstone to a family’s comprehensive wealth management plan. It folds various components together and addresses how the family will distribute their assets.

A wealth manager works with a family’s various experts, such as estate attorney, insurance agent(s), etc., to bring all the above together into a comprehensive wealth management plan customized to meet a family’s needs throughout their various life events.

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