Asked by Crystal  |  Submitted January 29, 2016

We recently purchased a new home, what do we need to know about fire insurance plans?

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January 29, 2016

Fire insurance is an additional form of coverage that is designed to cover replacement, rebuilding, and reconstruction costs above and beyond what is covered by your property insurance. You should speak with your insurance agent and ask them to help you assess you risk and need for this additional coverage.

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February 03, 2016

You should really talk with a Insurance agent with a reputable company. Don't ever just let the Mortgage company "set you up"!

There are different types of policies in each state. In Washington we have 3 home owner policies, Basic, Broad and Special. The prices are similar, but the coverage is radically different between policies. You always want to do a Special form policy, where everything that can happen to your home is covered Except a short list. The other polices tell you what you are covered for, but do not give you the uncovered things that can happen, potentially leaving you uncovered for a loss to your home.

Charlie Brown

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