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We need to refinance a loan for $20,000 because the payments are only paying the interest rate of over 12%. Part of the loan is land. What is our best option?

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March 01, 2016

There are many moving parts to this question. #1. You do not need to refinance, because it is an interest-only loan. You can simply start paying extra to go towards principal. Your interest-only payments are $200 a month now and once you start paying some towards the principal, the interest payments will go down very slightly as well.

#2. Refinancing a $20,000 loan that is partly secured by land may not be so easy. Your local bank may do it, but they may offer only a 2-3 year fixed rate, which will likely be interest-only as well.

You should always be entitled to pay something towards the principal balance on any loan.

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