Video: Who Wants To Be A Credit Card Deadbeat? You Do!

Adam Carroll reveals the Secret to Handling Consumer Debt in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

January 17, 2017

"Deadbeat" is usually a negative term applied to someone who doesn't pay his or her bills. But in this exclusive MoneyTips video, Adam Carroll, Chief Education Officer at National Financial Educators, explains why you want to be a deadbeat in the eyes of the credit card companies.

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Brittany | 01.17.17 @ 19:23
There were some really great tips in this video, a lot of things that I never would have considered.
Erin | 01.17.17 @ 19:23
Ha! I wasn't expecting that twist. I didn't know I am a deadbeat, but I'm now proud to call myself one. Thanks for the great video with practical information on which debt to eliminate first.
Nancy | 01.17.17 @ 20:17
That is just too funny! It sure would be worth it just to get back at the credit card companies each month.
Crystal | 01.17.17 @ 20:22
I was expecting something else! LOL This was such a helpful video. I have zero credit cards and no plans to get one though. I like living without that kind of debt.
Zanna | 01.18.17 @ 02:30
Glad to be a credit card "deadbeat". We'll pay that off every month and avoid the high interest rates!
Chrisitna | 01.19.17 @ 16:51
Yep - credit card companies make more money off those consumers who carry a high balance month-to-month. I'm working my way back to being considered a deadbeat by the credit card companies ;).
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