Video: When To Build Credit For Your Kids

Expert explains how to put your Kids on the path to good credit in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

January 11, 2017

When teens ask for money, turn the request into a teachable moment by instructing them about credit. In the video above, Rod Griffin, Director of Public Education for credit-reporting agency Experian, explains why people need to learn about building credit before they reach adulthood, and how to help your kids establish good credit.

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Zanna | 01.11.17 @ 19:57
We are struggling with this right now. My kids do not have a good grasp on money management and I'm concerned about their credit risks as they get older and use a credit card.
Crystal | 01.11.17 @ 20:18
Great tips! Never to early to start teaching kids about money and credit!
Chrisitna | 01.11.17 @ 20:58
I wish I had known this sooner. My daughter is 21 now and can't seem to get any credit because she has no credit history!
Jane | 01.12.17 @ 17:49
Mr. Griffin is right on target. I agree that speaking to children before their teens about the concept of money is very important, and then getting more detailed about it when they are in high school, helping them establish credit , is the way to go to teach children about money and also about credit.
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