Video: What Is Debt Consolidation?

Credit Expert Rod Griffin describes different types of Debt Consolidation in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

February 15, 2017

Be careful when it comes to debt consolidation, as it could hurt your credit score drastically. In this short video, Rod Griffin, Director of Public Education at credit-reporting agency Experian, shares what you need to know about the different types of debt consolidation.

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Brittany | 02.15.17 @ 17:45
I thought this was a great video with a lot of easy explanations. I had to consult a debt consultant not too long ago for some tips and she was ridiculously helpful.
Chrisitna | 02.16.17 @ 17:44
I didn't realize that consolidating had different meanings, and that one could hurt your score. Definitely good to know the differences!
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