Video: Using Credit Cards Wisely

Latisha Styles explains how she dug her way out from under $22,000 of Credit Card Debt in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

July 20, 2016

Latisha Styles, the founder of, was spending $1.30 for every dollar she earned, and found herself with $130,000 in consumer debt. In this exclusive MoneyTips video, the millennial money expert reveals how she got out of debt, and explains how to avoid repeating her mistakes.

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Carla | 07.20.16 @ 16:55
Our credit cards are mostly for emergencies. I could not imagine having this much credit card debt.
Steffanie | 07.20.16 @ 16:57
We are working our way out of credit card debt. It is a struggle but very worth it. Thankful we didn't have the debt she does.
Elaine | 07.20.16 @ 16:58
I'm sure this will be helpful to many. It seems like over spending is an issue and these tips will help you repair the damage.
gracie | 07.20.16 @ 17:06
I love seeing tips from others who have struggled with debt and how they managed to knock it down bit by bit. No matter how much you know there are always ideas that I have not thought of and some of them have proved very useful!
Jackie | 07.20.16 @ 17:09
Just the thought of that much credit card debt petrifies me.
Selena | 07.20.16 @ 17:12
Both of my parents buried themselves in credit card debits when I was a child. To this day, my father is still struggling with his debts. Because of that, I'm too scared to use credit for more than absolute emergency situations.
Bev | 07.20.16 @ 17:13
We pay our credit cards off every month and we have a rule that the first time we can't is when we will stop using them. It's easy to let that debt get out of control.
Jonathan | 07.20.16 @ 17:14
I feel these are no Brainers!
Brittany | 07.20.16 @ 17:14
I am always extremely careful when it comes to where I use my credit cards.
Wanda Langley | 07.20.16 @ 17:14
I agree with her. Pay it off each Month so I do not end up in Debt over Credit Card Debt. I keep a small stach of Cash to keep me from using my Credit Card. Emergency only if I can.
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