Video: Skip the Budget; Open Multiple Savings Accounts

Roger Whitney explains how opening two accounts can work instead of Budgeting in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

June 29, 2016 Many personal finance pros suggest making a budget; not Roger Whitney. The Certified Financial Planner proposes a much easier way to control your spending: using multiple bank accounts. The man known as "The Retirement Answer Man" explains the process in this exclusive MoneyTips video.
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irene | 06.29.16 @ 19:34
I had never thought of that!
Carla | 06.29.16 @ 19:37
This is something to thing about. We have a savings account and checking. It helps us know what we are actually saving.
Elaine | 06.29.16 @ 19:38
We have multiple credit union accounts. At one point we had three different ones but that got us all confused when we were younger.
trish | 06.29.16 @ 19:41
wow, that is something that may actually work for us. My husband is awful with budgets, but if I had multiple accounts, then I could show him more clearly!
Bobbie | 06.29.16 @ 19:42
I have multiple savings accounts. No matter what happens I have a safety net and can pull emergency funds from one or more.
Beverly | 06.29.16 @ 19:43
Interesting thought I had never thought of. It will still take discipline just like a budget would. What's important is that you do what works for you whether it's a budget or like this setting up multiple accounts.
Erin | 06.29.16 @ 19:46
That's an interesting concept and not one that I had thought of before. I'd like to look into more details on how it would work, but this is a great, quick tip. Thanks!
Brittany | 06.29.16 @ 19:47
That's an interesting idea... but something i couldn't do. Too OCD
Jo Ann | 06.29.16 @ 19:49
I LIKE THIS IDEA. transferring the money you budget for bills into a separate account. That way you don't touch that money except for bills, It allows you to not forget the important things. and allows you to see what you have for minor things and wants
Steffanie | 06.29.16 @ 19:52
I like the idea of multiple accounts but I'm aftaid I'm not that organized
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