Video: Retirement Doesn't Mean The End Of Work

Roger Whitney explains how best to think about Retirement in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

August 24, 2016

When you retire, do you plan on not being productive for the rest of your life, imagining yourself playing 18 holes of golf daily or sailing the seven seas? Not so fast, warns Roger Whitney. The Certified Financial Planner known as "The Retirement Answer Man" explains why you shouldn't think of retirement as a major event in this exclusive MoneyTips video.

Let the free MoneyTips Retirement Planner help you calculate when you can retire without jeopardizing your lifestyle.

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Carla | 08.24.16 @ 17:08
I can't imagine a non working retirement right now. There will be more going out than coming in moneywise I'm afraid
irene | 08.24.16 @ 17:09
I know my MIL had to keep working for a while just to make ends meet
Steffanie | 08.24.16 @ 17:09
I don't think we will slow down much when the husband retires. We will still have too much to do.
Selena | 08.24.16 @ 17:10
I'm probably one of those people who would somehow remain productive. Even if I didn't have an actual, paying job, I could still see myself doing volunteer work. I'm not the type of person who likes to sit around the house, watching TV all day.
Erin | 08.24.16 @ 17:14
I can't imagine doing nothing at all. Even if it is just on a volunteer basis, I think it's important for people to feel like they are contributing something. I might change my mind once I hit that point though.
Kamie | 08.24.16 @ 17:14
I have been trying to save just even a little in a untouchable savings account. I can only hope I started it in time to not have to worry about surviving at the retiring age.
Nancy | 08.24.16 @ 17:16
I have already accepted the fact that I will be working into retirement age. And I am more than okay with that.
Jackie | 08.24.16 @ 17:16
I worked for 6 years after retiring. I'm sure it will be almost a necessity for people filing in the future.
Jo Ann | 08.24.16 @ 17:16
I ALWAYS THOUGHT OF RETIREMENT AS BEING ABLE TO DO THING YOU ENJOY TO EARN MONEY, VS. DOING THINGS YOU DON'T ENJOY. It should be not as stressful as everyday living and a person should be able to work a little less.
Sara | 08.24.16 @ 17:19
It is sad that people have to work through what should be their retirement. Too many things cost so much money now that it is impossible to really not work.
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