Video: Minimize Your Education Costs

LaTisha Styles explains how and why to keep College Costs down in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

June 15, 2016 LaTisha Styles has regrets. The millennial money expert wishes she knew to, "Live like a college student while you're a college student so you won't have to live like a college student when you're not a college student." Find out how the founder of paid a high price for that lesson in this exclusive MoneyTips video.
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Carla | 06.15.16 @ 22:01
I think it costs way too much to get an education. These are great tips. Thanks for the video. I will pass it along to my son.
Steffanie | 06.15.16 @ 22:05
Some really great advice here. My older kids will tell you it's hard to 'live like a college' student. Maybe the powers that be should think about lower the cost of higher education.
Daniel | 06.15.16 @ 22:05
THe price of education is always going up so take each and every tip you can to try and help
Kamie | 06.15.16 @ 22:09
The amount it takes to get a proper education for the best career is insane, you are in return just working to pay back the school who taught you. The advice here can definitely help a college student, especially one that does not get much help from their parents.
Jane | 06.15.16 @ 22:13
I went to a community college for my Associate's Degree, and then transferred to a great university (with scholarships because the university and the community college had reciprocal agreements). My education at the community college was much more personal than the university, so it really can be a great way to reduce college debt.
Amanda | 06.15.16 @ 22:19
It's a shame it costs so much for college and to "better" yourself. I've already started saving for my son and hoping I can have enough saved for him. He has big dreams
Erin | 06.15.16 @ 22:19
I wish I had had this kind of information before I went to college. Thanks for the great tips. I will be passing them along to my upcoming college students.
Selena | 06.15.16 @ 22:23
One should always try to live within their means, through college, through young adulthood, through retirement. It only makes sense to live that way.
irene | 06.15.16 @ 22:25
That's some good advice. Careful spending is key
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