Video: Millennials - Negotiate Now!

Patrice Washington gives her best tip to job-seeking millennials in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

June 22, 2016 According to Patrice Washington, known as The Money Maven, millennials don't understand the power of negotiating early. The founder of, who shared her money-saving ideas in a Blab, reveals her top tip for job-seeking millennials in this exclusive MoneyTips video.
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Carla | 06.22.16 @ 23:02
We have a serious job shortage in our area. I do agree that one should negotiate terms of employment and salaries. It worked well for my sister who lives in a bigger city.
Tina | 06.22.16 @ 23:02
They always say to negotiate, but it's never worked for me. But it (usually) doesn't hurt to try! Good advice..
Erin | 06.22.16 @ 23:04
That's a very good tip. I guess one big advantage when negotiating is to know what others in the field are being paid in that particular region. It would be interesting to know what other advice there is to follow when negotiating.
trish | 06.22.16 @ 23:05
My husband has become a great negotiator. He is in the restaurant business so it is not as risky, restaurants are everywhere. But he has become great at negotiations with his position and salary
Steffanie | 06.22.16 @ 23:10
It's good to negotiate if you have done your research and know what is happening in the field ypu are persuing a career. Great tips here.
Leslie | 06.22.16 @ 23:11
It never hurts to try to negotiate, but it seems like you really need to know what others in your field or in your area are making. There are more job seekers than jobs in my area, so unless one is really skilled or experienced, they might do themselves a disservice trying to get too much.
Leah | 06.22.16 @ 23:12
Not all places will negotiate tho. You could risk losing the job offer. I really think the option to negotiate depends on the type of job you land.
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