Video: Learn your Cash Flow and Cut Spending

Michael Kitces explains how High-Tech can save you Money in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

June 8, 2016 Do you know your cash flow? Michael Kitces doesn't think you do. The Certified Financial Planner reveals that people who automate their cash flow actually cut their spending. Find out why "America's Money Answers Man" recommends using a personal finance management tool in this exclusive MoneyTips video.
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Steffanie | 06.08.16 @ 23:03
This sounds like a great tool to have. I would love to cut our spending.
Erin | 06.08.16 @ 23:05
We used one of these programs for a long time, and it really did help. We drifted away from it, but this is a good reminder to get back into it. Thanks!
Carla | 06.08.16 @ 23:06
This is something worth looking into that might help us. I'm not sure if we have much spending to cut.
Beverly | 06.08.16 @ 23:07
There are quite a few apps out there to help with your spending habits, you just have to find the one that works for you. I'll have to check out some of these that I haven't heard of.
Anna | 06.08.16 @ 23:08
I have been trying to cut my spending but I haven't managed to do that yet.
Jackie | 06.08.16 @ 23:09
Being retired and on a fixed income I'm very interested in a program such as this.
Daniel | 06.08.16 @ 23:14
I am sure I am not alone in seeing that this could make a difference for me without a doubt
Patricia | 06.08.16 @ 23:16
Every since taking my mom in, budgeting have become very important at my house. Thanks for the info!
Jane | 06.08.16 @ 23:17
I have a budget on excel and I always know where I stand. I had to make one, because I had to start spending less several months ago. There really are, as Michael Kitces said, many things that can be cut out to reduce spending that won't make people feel like they are living on a shoestring.
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