Video: Learn How To Save Hundreds Of Dollars In Less Than A Minute

Money expert Jon Dulin reveals simple ways to save big bucks in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

September 14, 2016

Want to save hundreds of dollars? Invest less than a minute of your time with Jon Dulin, founder of The financial writer who was once $10,000 in credit card debt explains some simple saving techniques in this short MoneyTips video.

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Carla Truett | 09.14.16 @ 16:05
I'm always looking for ways to save money. I have actually saved by talking to my cable company as the video suggested. I also saved by talking to our car insurance provider. Its surprising to see the lengths some will go if they think they are losing a customer. Yay for saving money!!
Irene | 09.14.16 @ 16:15
This is great information, I was able to lower a couple of my bills (phone and cable) when I asked if there were promotions for long term subscribers
Sara | 09.14.16 @ 16:26
To be honest I have learned to talk to companies I use to try and lower bills. Love saving money but also do not want to break our bank. Sometimes we have to just take the extra mile and talk.
Daniel Dohlstrom | 09.14.16 @ 16:31
I follow many of these tips .. every little bit helps and it adds up in the long run
brittany.martinez530 | 09.14.16 @ 17:35
this is an awesome video with a lot of great tips. Im personally always looking for new ways to help save money without having to make any drastic changes .
Kamie | 09.14.16 @ 17:43
There are always new ways to save money, and some of these tips I do everyday, it is needed now to save that extra penny.
Stokes | 09.14.16 @ 18:16
I'm always looking for more ways to save money. This is a great tip. I actually cut my cable bill completely and stream Netflix to my Roku. I wasn't watching the channels; I was only watching on demand. Now, I pay $10/month instead of $100. It makes a huge difference!
Christina | 09.14.16 @ 18:19
There are some great ideas in this video for saving money - Some I do already and some I am definitely going to try!
Zanna | 09.15.16 @ 12:12
Yes! We just did this. We called the cable company and got the rate reduced by almost half. We're trying to put that extra money directly into savings.
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