Video: How to Get A Low Credit Card Interest Rate

Expert Sean McQuay shares his tips on paying less interest on your Credit Cards in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

April 26, 2017

Are you struggling to keep up with the interest payments on your credit card? In the video above, Nerdwallet Credit and Banking Expert Sean McQuay describes ways to get credit cards with low interest rates.

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Erin | 04.27.17 @ 15:42
A credit union is not the first place I would have thought of to go for a credit card, especially a low-interest one. I will be keeping that in mind for future reference. Eighteen percent as an average interest rate is high...just another reason to get those cards paid off every month.
Chrisitna | 04.27.17 @ 15:43
Great tips - I'm going to give some of these a try and see if I am able to get my interest rate lowered!
Carla | 04.27.17 @ 16:22
I did not realize I could get a credit card from our credit union. We have a debit card there but not a credit card. I will ask about it the next time I go into our local branch. This has me curious about the interest rates.
Zanna | 04.27.17 @ 16:31
We are considering a different credit card, to help lower our rate and to get better rewards. Our credit union only offers one type, so we'll be looking at other option! thanks for the tips!
Daniel | 04.28.17 @ 12:34
Never underestimate how much even a small decrease in APR can matter, Watching for possible reductions is something we should be doing regularly.
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