Video: How To Compare Mortgages

Greg McBride explains why you should think beyond the Monthly Payments in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

January 7, 2020

How should you shop for a mortgage? There's definitely more to consider than simply where your monthly payments starts. In just one minute, Greg McBride gives advice that could save you thousands.'s Chief Financial Analyst shares how to compare mortgages in the video above.

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Crystal | 12.29.16 @ 18:45
Good advice! The last home loan had a fixed rate and the monthly payment never went up. I cannot imagine what would have happened if it did. We focused solely on the payment and not so much anything else.
Zanna | 12.29.16 @ 23:18
Fixed rates are definitely a better option for us, we need to look carefully at our options when we refinance.
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