Video: How To Choose A Financial Advisor

Michael Kitces explains how to choose the Right Advisor for you in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

September 7, 2016

Ready for a financial advisor? How do you choose between the thousands available to you? Certified Financial Planner Michael Kitces gives you solid ways to help decide who should guide your financial journey. The expert even gives you specific questions to ask prospective financial advisors in this exclusive MoneyTips video.

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Nancy | 09.07.16 @ 16:42
Shows my first financial advisor I was young and naive. Today I would use many of these suggestions. I learned my lesson.
Daniel | 09.07.16 @ 16:43
Your adviser is going to be such an important in your financial plans getting to know them and their areas of expertise is paramount
Steffanie | 09.07.16 @ 16:57
Financial advisors are so very important. We have found out just how much in the last few years with our business.
irene | 09.07.16 @ 17:14
Great info, I don't really have anyone to advise me and didn't know how to find someone trustworthy
Brittany | 09.07.16 @ 17:31
This is actually a great video with a lot of useful information. I have been wanting to look into getting a financial advisor for awhile.
Chrisitna | 09.07.16 @ 17:31
I wish I had consulted a financial professional years ago; maybe I would not have made so many mistakes and would be in a better spot now.
Jo Ann | 09.07.16 @ 17:40
GOOD TIPS. I didn't know that a person can call them a financial advisor without an education.
Zanna | 09.07.16 @ 18:39
All you need is a high school diploma and a 3 hour regulatory exam?? Whoa. I definitely want more qualifications than that. This is a good list of questions to ask before you hire an advisor!
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