Video: Cutting College Costs During Your Student Years

Scholarship Expert Jocelyn Paonita explains How to Minimize Your Student Debt in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

March 29, 2017

If you think starting college stops your scholarship hunt, think again. Jocelyn Paonita, Founder of The Scholarship System, describes how to reduce your student debt while attending college in the video above.

Find out quickly at what rate you can refinance your student loan.

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Erin | 03.29.17 @ 14:57
I wish I had known more about scholarships when I was in college. I remember getting one, but I had no idea how to go about finding what was even available. This is information I will be passing along to my kids so they do not make the same mistake. Thanks!
Carla | 03.29.17 @ 14:57
Great ideas for helping students get going once they are actually settled into a college. It is good that you can get scholarships even after you are enrolled in college. Every little bit helps.
Chrisitna | 03.29.17 @ 15:38
Great tips - the scholarship process is far more complicated than it should be!
Zanna | 03.29.17 @ 16:04
Yes, apply, apply, apply for scholarships!! Tons of resources to search from, and it can really help with costs!
Brittany | 03.29.17 @ 16:07
I wish I would have been able to qualify for scholarships when I was first applying for school, they would have been a lot of help and would have helped the struggle and stress.
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