Video: Build Your Credit With A Secured Credit Card

Personal Finance Expert LaTisha Styles explains how a Secured Credit Card can Help You Increase your Credit Score

March 22, 2017

Is your credit score so low you can't get a credit card? But you can! In this short video, LaTisha Styles, Founder of Financial Success Media, explains how a secured credit card can help you increase your credit score without getting into debt.

If you want more credit, but have little credit history, check out MoneyTips' list of credit card offers.

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Brittany | 03.22.17 @ 16:35
This is actually a great video with wonderful tips. I've been looking for simple little ways to help build my credit up and this might be something i look into.
Carla | 03.22.17 @ 16:50
This is one of the ways my Son and his wife built up their credit before they bought a home. It absolutely works! I encourage anyone that needs to build credit to do it with a secured credit card.
Chrisitna | 03.23.17 @ 15:59
This is a great option for someone looking to establish credit!
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