Video: 3 Top Tips to Millennials Seeking Financial Freedom

Patrice Washington gives her best tips to millennials in this Exclusive MoneyTips video

July 27, 2016

Millennials should listen to Patrice Washington, the founder of, as she offers her sage financial advice. Also known as The Money Maven, Patrice shared her money-saving ideas in a MoneyTips Blab and gave tips to job-seeking millennials. Here she explains her top tips to millennials who want to get on the path of financial freedom in this exclusive MoneyTips video.

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irene | 07.27.16 @ 16:01
Great tips, I am going to pass this along to someone I know could benefit from this
Daniel | 07.27.16 @ 16:01
THe more informed you are the better off you are, these tips are great to add to your knowledge base
Brittany | 07.27.16 @ 16:02
This is actually a great bit of tips for people. I know I can def benefit from this.
Carla | 07.27.16 @ 16:02
I think a lot of us did not know our numbers. Definitely should have learned to say no. I could have used this advice when I was younger. I will be taking it on board as I move forward.
Sara | 07.27.16 @ 16:02
Great advice. Some of this I wish I had known a few years back.
STOKES | 07.27.16 @ 16:02
This video included great tips for millenials. Great advice, Patrice! I'll pass it on to my younger friends.
Erin | 07.27.16 @ 16:03
Great ideas. I will be sharing this with my kids who will be heading off to college in the next few years. Hopefully, by following some of these tips, they will set themselves up to be in a better position heading into the work environment.
Kbrawdy | 07.27.16 @ 16:03
As a mellanial, I have to agree
Kate | 07.27.16 @ 16:03
Will keep these tips in mind as we pay off our debt! Thinking of also sharing with a few friends who I know are trying to cut back on their debt. The more you know the better off you are!
Wanda Langley | 07.27.16 @ 16:04
Great money saving ideas and some that I can use.
Kamie | 07.27.16 @ 16:04
Could have used this information when I was just starting out in the investing and saving, but will remember for the present and future and help teach my kids.
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