The Ultimate Summer Vacation

Hopping Between Four Seasons on Their Own Private Jet

The Ultimate Summer Vacation
May 26, 2023

Did you budget $119,000 per person for this year's vacation? If so, may we suggest the new Four Seasons private jet tour — a 24-day journey to nine different Four Seasons resort destinations across the globe, with all legs of the trip taken on the Four Seasons private jet. The jet is a Boeing 757 reconfigured with 52 luxurious lie-flat leather seats with 78 inches of personal space. The intent is to maintain the Four Seasons standards of service even throughout the flight portions of the three-week holiday.

The first around-the-world journey is scheduled for August 16-September 8, 2015. Leaving from the Four Seasons in Seattle, you will spend time in Tokyo, Beijing, the Maldives, the Serengeti in Tanzania, Istanbul, St. Petersburg in Russia, and Marrakech in Morocco before concluding your vacation in New York City. (Presumably, if you can afford $119,000 for a vacation, you can pay your own way to Seattle and home from New York.) Click here for more details on the activities at each destination..

Four Seasons has sponsored around-the-world trips before, but this will be the first such trip using their own fully branded private jet — and Four Seasons has spared little expense to replicate the hotel experience while in the sky.

The flight will be staffed with a minimum of 21 crew and staff trained by Four Seasons — almost one staff member for every 2.5 passengers. Three pilots and two engineers are on hand to keep your flight safe and functioning perfectly. A travel coordinator (known as a "journey manager") and an in-flight concierge will cater to your needs. To accommodate the more adventurous parts of the itinerary (observing wild game in the Serengeti or exploring coral reefs in the Maldives), a physician and a photographer will also be on hand.

There are no tiny bags of peanuts on this flight — an executive chef is included in the package. Chef Kerry Sear chats with the guests during the flight to get a feel for their tastes, prepares a menu, and coordinates with the local Four Seasons chefs to acquire fresh, local ingredients. The standard convection oven for reheating in-flight meals has been replaced with a steam oven meeting aviation guidelines, allowing for fresh-made meals in the air.

Guest bags include a cashmere blanket, toiletry kits, a leather travel journal, and noise-cancelling headphones from Bose. You also receive a free iPad Air 2 prior to the trip so you can preload your own entertainment.

Is there anything to complain about? Bloomberg suggests there's only one thing: the airline toilets. They are a significant upgrade over a standard passenger airplane toilet, but there is only so much space that can be devoted to the bathroom and its operating mechanics.

Also, remember that while it's considered a flying hotel, the Four Seasons jet is still a commercial airline by aviation standards. At most destinations, you will still have to deal with airport security, although Four Seasons has arranged for separate rapid security checks and immediate boarding once you pass security. TSA carry-on limitations still apply. You will also still have to check your baggage. While there are vastly larger carry-on bins, you probably won't need them.

Unfortunately, the initial 52-seat voyage is already sold out. The good news: you can save up your money for next year's voyage. The bad news: you'll need even more money next year. The price for the 2016 trip is set at $132,000 — but what’s an extra $13,000 per person? That's mere pocket change at this economic level. “Mr. Trump, we need you to return to your seat for take-off!”

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