Transform Your Home on the Cheap

Free – Or Almost Free – Ways to Perk up Your Abode

Transform Your Home on the Cheap
January 5, 2015

It is easy to drop thousands of dollars on a home redecoration. It is a challenge to do it inexpensively, but we all like a good challenge, don’t we?

We certainly do – especially when it involves saving money. How do you address home refurbishing with a money-saving mindset?

  • De-clutter and Organize – If your house is cluttered, it can be difficult to truly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your home. Simple cleaning and organizing it will not only clarify what you need to highlight and improve upon, but your organization method can also be an integral part of the decorations.

    There are many types of modular storage units available today with a range of colors, styles and degree of openness – serving the same purpose as the milk crates you used in college, but with excellent aesthetics, and for prices that are not much more than the milk crate.

    If you are handy enough and have some leftover lumber and paint, try making your own unique shelving. Look through DIY (do-it-yourself) magazines and websites for inspiration.

  • Refurbish – Try repairing anything before discarding or replacing it. Wood scratches can be dealt with using commercial polishes and wood filler pencils for deep scratches – if all else fails, try a simple cover or a coat of varnish or paint to obscure the damage.

    Fabric remnants can revive old throw pillows, and if you have the skill, they can be applied to other furnishings as well. A thorough cleaning may be enough to refurbish old chairs or couches.

  • Lighting – A change in lighting can make a large difference in a room for limited expense. Are you using bulbs that are too bright or not bright enough for the area? An inexpensive floor lamp and strategic use of desk lamps can cheer up your home without the expense of overhead or track lighting.

  • Repurpose – If you cannot fix it, can you transform it? For example, a kitchen chair with a broken back but a usable base can be made into a unique end table.

  • Paint – Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can try templates, patterns with painter’s tape, or sponge painting to create unique patterns that give the appearance of customization.

  • Wall Hangings – Whether your taste is simple family pictures, larger decorative pieces, or traditional paintings, you can find inexpensive options to brighten up bare walls.

  • Local Discount Sales and Stores – Garage sales and flea markets can be excellent places to pick up older furniture and decorations for very low prices. Many times, the furniture can be restored with just a bit of TLC and elbow grease. You may also be able to find complementary decorations and knick-knacks that fill in the open spaces in your home.

    Thrift stores and factory-second outlets may also yield furnishing bargains that can be brought back to life with a little effort.

    Finally, consider local arts and crafts shows. You may be able to find unique regional decorations while supporting your local artists.

  • Internet Sites – Craigslist can be an excellent place to find inexpensive furniture and decorations, if you have the means to pick them up. Similarly, eBay can be a great resource, assuming that the shipping charges are minimal; it is better suited to smaller decorative items for that reason.

Fill in the bare areas with a few knick-knacks to taste, and you are done. Just sit back on your refurbished couch and enjoy your new home furnishings with a sense of satisfaction and a healthy bank account.

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