Top 10 Grossing Nightclubs

Where the Nightlife Brings in the Cash

Top 10 Grossing Nightclubs
May 14, 2015

The Nightclub and Bar Media Group recently released the top hundred grossing nightclubs for 2014. To nobody’s surprise, the majority of the highest-grossing nightclubs are located in Las Vegas, which claims the top four nightspots and seven of the top ten. The first two nightclubs on the list are way ahead of the pack, each grossing over $100 million in 2014. To put that into perspective, the entire list of a hundred grossed only $1.36 billion.

Here are the top ten grossing nightclubs, in order. Get your dancing shoes ready….

  1. XS Nightclub, Las Vegas – XS tops the list for a third consecutive year, bringing in between $103 million and $105 million.

  2. Hakkasan, Las Vegas – Hakkasan at the MGM Grand shot up to the number two spot with $100 million-$103 million in revenue.

  3. Marquee Nightclub, Las Vegas – Marquee is in a second tier all by itself, with $80 million-$85 million in revenue.

  4. TAO, Las Vegas – TAO raked in $50 million-$55 million in 2014.

  5. LIV, Miami Beach – LIV breaks the string of Vegas-based top grossing nightclubs with $40 million-$45 million.

  6. Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas – Surrender is listed as having the same gross revenue as LIV, but “surrendered” the fifth place spot, settling for sixth place on the list.

  7. LAVO, New York City – The highest grossing nightclub in the city that never sleeps tops out at $30 million-$35 million.

  8. Story, Miami Beach – The story here is $25 million-$30 million in gross revenue.

  9. Hyde Bellagio, Las Vegas – A $25 million-$30 million gross is only good for sixth place in the Las Vegas market.

  10. LAVO, Las Vegas – The Vegas competition kept LAVO Las Vegas from outpacing its sister club in New York City, but it still brought in a respectable $20 million-$25 million.

What if you find yourself in a different place such as L.A., Chicago… or Anchorage, Alaska? We’ve got you covered there as well. Here are the top grossing nightclubs in several other markets, along with their top 100 ranking.

  • Seacrets, Ocean City, MD (#11) – Located in the coastal resort area of Maryland near the border with Delaware, Seacrets brought in a respectable $20 million-$25 million.

  • LEVU, Dallas, TX (#13) – LEVU brought in $20 million-$25 million as well, around the range that Tony Romo will earn this year as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

  • The Pool After Dark, Atlantic City, NJ (#14) – Superstorm Sandy could not dent their revenues, estimated at $20 million-$25 million.

  • Create Nightclub, Los Angeles (#19) – Create created a gross of $15 million-$20 million in 2014.

  • Temple Nightclub, San Francisco (#24) – This top-grossing nightclub in the City by the Bay brought in $10 million-$15 million in 2014.

All of the following were the highest grossing nightclubs in their areas, bringing in $10 million-$15 million: FLUXX in San Diego, CA (#25); Roof on the Wit in Chicago, IL (#26); Maya Day + Nightclub, in Scottsdale, AZ in the Phoenix metro area (#32); Hurricane O’Reilly’s in Boston (#43); and Opera Nightclub in Atlanta (#45).

Through the casino connections, Mashantucket, CT, claims three of the top 100: Shrine (#44, $10 million-$15 million), High Rollers (#71, $5 million-$10 million), and The Scorpion Bar (#76, $5 million-$10 million).

Don’t worry; we did not forget about Anchorage, Alaska, the home of Chilcoot Charlie’s – #97 on the list at $3 million-$5 million gross in 2014.

If you cannot get into any of these, simply find a nightspot that you enjoy. Maybe you will help propel some place new into the top 100 for 2015. Just do not try to do it all by yourself.

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