Tips to get Your Mortgage Approved (Infographic)

From America's Most Influential Mortgage Experts

Tips to get Your Mortgage Approved (Infographic)
May 16, 2016 Want some tips on how to get approved for your next mortgage? We asked America's Most Influential Mortgage Experts for help. Peruse their advice in our infographic above.
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Carla | 05.16.16 @ 20:01
I would have loved to have had these tips when we bought a home. My Son will need them soon. Thanks!
trish | 05.16.16 @ 20:03
Wow what great tips I could have used 10 years ago. But I have a friend buying her first home with her new husband. Sharing this with them
Zanna | 05.16.16 @ 20:05
Paying down your credit cards is a key step! One thing I didn't realize when we were looking for a mortgage is not to cancel credit cards right before you apply for a loan, even if you aren't using them. Our loan officer said it's better to have cards that aren't used than to close the account. We had no idea!
Elaine | 05.16.16 @ 20:06
His would have come In handy years ago, but now I live I. A family owned home so all is good.
Brittany | 05.16.16 @ 20:06
These are great tips, we just started the process of looking into buying a home, so this is great.
Kyle | 05.16.16 @ 20:08
This is a lot of great information that I wish I would have known when I was buying my house. I am currently in the process of limiting my credit cards and paying em off, one by one.
Steffanie | 05.16.16 @ 20:08
These would have been great for us when we bought our house. I will pass them along to my daughter who is looking.
Erin | 05.16.16 @ 20:08
I had no idea so many people are getting turned down for mortgages. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips from the professionals. They will be useful if we are ever in the market again.
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