Things To Buy At The Dollar Store

Maximize Your Savings While Shopping

Things To Buy At The Dollar Store
January 1, 2016

Dollar stores have grown drastically in number and popularity since the most recent recession. True dollar stores where everything costs a dollar can be difficult to find, but seeking one out in your neighborhood could result in huge savings.

Even though everything costs just a dollar, certain items will save you money while others will end up costing you more. Stick to the list of dollar store bargains below and you will save a bit more of your hard-earned cash.

Flexible Cutting Boards

Using flexible cutting boards in the kitchen makes life easier for everyone. These cutting boards get the job done while taking up very little space. They even fit easily in a packed dishwasher.

You can often find packs of multiple flexible cutting boards at dollar stores. You can even cut some of them in half to have multiple sized boards. When they wear out, simply throw them away. They cost one dollar or less a piece.

Organizational Supplies

If you want to organize your home, make a stop by the dollar store instead of Wal-Mart. You can find many different types of small bins to arrange your household contents at a dollar or less. These bins might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but if you are organizing a closet, it should not matter what your bins look like. After all, they will not be in plain sight.

Painting Project Supplies

If you have a painting project, do not waste your cash visiting an arts and crafts store to pick up supplies. Dollar stores often have paintbrushes, as well as foam brushes, at deep discounts compared to where you would normally shop. Once you finish a project, see if the supplies can be cleaned and used again. If not, simply throw them away, since you can pick up brand new ones for only a dollar for your next project.

Throwaway Kitchen and Dining Items

You can find great deals on common kitchen and dining items that you would throw away anyway. Items like disposable cookware, bake-ware, paper plates, plastic cups, napkins, straws and plastic cutlery will help you save even more when you buy them at the dollar store.

Washcloths and Dish Towels

Washcloths and dishtowels can get nasty quickly, so why waste money buying fancy versions at department stores? Instead, simply pick up a multi-pack of washcloths or dish towels at the dollar store and use them until they wear out. Then, head back to the dollar store to replace them for just a dollar.

If you do buy colored washcloths or dishtowels, make sure to wash them separately or they may bleed dye into your other clothes, which would turn this frugal purchase into a financial disaster.


If you want to decorate almost anything, shopping at the dollar store will save you cash. Naturally, you will not find high-end décor at the dollar store, but you should find plenty of festive and seasonal decorations.

These decorations work well for birthday parties, holiday parties or just to spruce up your home for a onetime event like the Super Bowl. The decorations are not generally high quality, so you should probably throw them out after your event. However, that means you do not have to worry about someone spilling food or drinks on your party tablecloth, either.

The dollar store offers many amazing deals if you know what to look for. For items not on this list, just make sure to think about the price per unit you will pay at the dollar store. If the item costs less than the normal store you shop at on a per unit basis, and the quality of the product meets your needs, save some money and buy it at the dollar store.

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Carla | 01.01.16 @ 18:01
I buy so much at our Dollar Store. Everything from kitchen items to crafting supplies and gift bags.
Kamie | 01.01.16 @ 18:04
I do not know how many times the dollar type stores have saved me wallet. Toilet paper is the biggest thing. And the toilet paper is really great quality, at least at my store. It feels just like Angel Soft. But, foods are not something I ever suggest as the cheese is not cheese, it is flavored processed oil.
trish | 01.01.16 @ 18:04
I just spend 10 at the Dollar Tree yesterday to get all of my NYE supplies! And I organized my kitchen cabinets with dollar store bins. Great to run in to get throw away food containers to have for people to take leftovers home. hate losing my good tupperware!
Jackie | 01.01.16 @ 18:04
I shop at our Dollar Store regularly. I bought lots of stocking stuffers there this past Christmas.
joann | 01.01.16 @ 18:05
I too buy a lot at the DOLLAR STORE. It is a great place to get those party decorations. I love it you can go with $10.00 and come out with decorations, and goodie bag treats for kids. It is also a great place to but children's books. The always have them and at least if the kids tear them up its not an expensive loss. Also good for wedding decorations on a budget!!!
Alec | 01.01.16 @ 18:06
I never thought to look for storage stuff and art supplies at a dollar store! I know sometimes they also carry some decent quality things that aren't just a one use. It's always been rather hit or miss, but at those prices as long as you're not buying the same throw away expecting it to be better, it's a good deal and worth it for when you need it.
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