Asked by Linda  |  Submitted February 01, 2014

The Virginia Employment Commission sent me a 1099-G Form for 2013 in which Box 3 & Box 2 equal the amount which they claim they paid me in 2013 in Box 1.

However, they never paid me a cent and, in fact Box 2 plus Box 3 is equal to Box 1, and NO payment was actually received by me, does this zero balance need to be entered on my 1040?

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February 07, 2014

Linda, Thank you for the question. Sometimes these government forms can be so confusing. If I were preparing your 2013 Tax Return I would enter the information on the tax return. The Virginia Employment Commission sent it to you and because of that I would enter. I rather be safe than sorry.

Make sure you check with your tax preparer as you begin to prepare your taxes.

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