The Most Expensive Sports Stars' Homes

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The Most Expensive Sports Stars' Homes
January 18, 2016

You are a pro athlete making millions of dollars, so why would you live in a simple home in a quiet neighborhood? Some athletes might be quite happy with that choice, but others decide to spend millions on their homes, including special features that make it uniquely their own. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive homes owned by sports stars.

  • Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island Mansion

As of this writing, Tiger holds the title for the most expensive home of an active athlete with his mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida. It includes several pools, a combination basketball and tennis court, a running track — and, of course, a 3.5-acre golf course in his backyard. Estimated current value? $45.5 million.

  • LeBron James’ Bath Township Estate

LeBron's return to Cleveland resulted in a bit of downsizing. He sold his Miami estate (pictured below and in the main image) for $13.4 million, gaining a $4.4 million profit. With his return, he is back in his $9.2 million mansion in Bath Township outside of Akron that he built in his 2003 rookie season. According to Cavaliers Nation, the estate includes a movie theater, recording studio, and a two-lane bowling alley.

  • Tom Brady, the Savvy Real Estate Investor

Which mansion should we consider? How about the recently completed 14,000 square foot mansion in Brookline, Massachusetts? The land alone costs $4.5 million and the final cost of the mansion has not been disclosed. Perhaps it is in the range of the Los Angeles mansion that Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen sold to music mogul, Dr. Dre for $40 million. Or perhaps it's closer to the $14 million of their apartment in New York City's exclusive One Madison building. We're pretty sure all meet the criteria of extravagant.

  • Manny Pacquiao’s Beverly Hills Mansion

The boxer's loss to Floyd Mayweather stings a bit less when he goes home to relax in his Beverly Hills mansion. The 10,000 square foot home set Pacquiao back a cool $12.5 million, plus four tickets to his fight with Mayweather. It really did take the tickets to seal the deal. Pacquiao's home was previously owned by Diddy (or whatever Sean Combs goes by these days) and has been upgraded to include a $200,000 home theater.

  • Chris Bosh’s Miami Beach Home

The basketball star put his digs in Pacific Palisades on the market for $14.5 million in 2014, but the price was reduced to $11 million by March. Bosh will just have to settle for his $12.5 million mansion in Miami Beach, which features 20-foot tall ceilings, a gourmet kitchen and an infinity pool that features a beautiful clear view of Biscayne Bay.

  • Dwyane Wade’s Mediterranean-Style Mansion

We’ve got LeBron and Bosh on the list, how can we leave out Wade? The third member of the former Miami Heat trio owns a mansion estimated at around $8.8 million in value, although Wade originally purchased the mansion for $10.6 million. Located on La Gorce Island, the home contains a cabana with wet bar, a large pool and a guesthouse, along with an air-conditioned doghouse for all his pets.

  • Peyton Manning’s Cherry Hills Home

Manning's home in the Denver suburb of Cherry Hills Village was purchased for $4.6 million.. The 16,000-plus square foot estate features an elevator that goes to all three floors of his home, a safe room, and a huge heated garage capable of holding seven cars — a very useful perk in snowy Denver.

Maybe someday you can own one of these extravagant homes. You may not be able to rush for 1,000 yards or hit a curveball, but there are other ways to acquire riches.

Photo of Tiger Woods's Jupiter Island Mansion by Jeff & Cary Lichtenstein - Your Home Is Our Business - Illustrated Properties. Photo of LeBron James's former Miami mansion from the Listing Agent, Tomi Rose of Opulence International Realty. Photo of Chris Bosh's Miami Beach home from Touzet Studio. Photos of Tom Brady by Keith Allison (originally posted to Flickr as Tom Brady) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Photos of Tiger Woods, LeBron James & Manny Pacquiao by © Photo of Tom Brady by Jeffrey Beall (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo of Chris Bosh By Flickr user Keith Allison [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo of Dwayne Wade by Airman Caitlin Guinazu ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo of Peter Manning By Mike Morbeck (Flickr: Peyton Manning) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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Erin | 01.18.16 @ 16:02
It's up to them on how to spend their money, but it seems like it's a bit much to have these huge houses for just a few people. To each their own.
irene | 01.18.16 @ 16:03
Good thing Tiger has so much money to spend I'm sure there will be a few alimony payments cutting in to it.
Heather | 01.18.16 @ 16:05
I couldn't imagine having such a huge house. I think these are a bit excessive and the money could go to much better causes.
Alec | 01.18.16 @ 16:06
I'd never personally spend so much on a house even if I could afford it, since how much space can a small family use anyway? It's nice that they make enough money to buy such luxurious homes though. Hopefully they enjoy them and don't break the bank buying or modifying them!
STOKES | 01.18.16 @ 16:07
That's a lot of money for a little bit of land. Makes me glad to live in the country where a little bit of money goes a long way.
Steffanie | 01.18.16 @ 16:12
It seems a bit extravagant to me, but it's their money
Nancy | 01.18.16 @ 16:20
I think you need a pretty large ego to spend this kind of money on a house. But, then you'd have to have a large ego tobe this successful.
Daniel | 01.18.16 @ 16:20
I guess if you look at such homes as an investment it is probably good but really I wonder home many just have it to have it and do not even use 90% of the property
Ambar | 01.18.16 @ 16:31
I think I will never understand the necessity of living in a gigantic house. I love small houses, but that's my personal preference. On the other hand, if you look at it as an investment, it's a whole other story.
Owen | 01.19.16 @ 16:52
I would love to have such a huge house. I can't imagine maintaining it though. I am sure the investment is worth it though.
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