The Costs Of Raising Boys Vs. Girls (Infographic)

Exclusive MoneyTips Survey reveals Parenting Beliefs and Experiences

The Costs Of Raising Boys Vs. Girls (Infographic)
May 10, 2016

Does it cost more to raise boys than girls, vice versa, or is it the same? Check out the infographic above to find out what Americans say in this exclusive MoneyTips survey of 461 parents.

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Jonathan | 05.11.16 @ 14:28
Every person that's looking to become a parent should see this lol.
Steffanie | 05.11.16 @ 14:29
I have both boys and girls and honestly, they cost about the same for me. They vary is 'where' they spend their money though
Sara | 05.11.16 @ 14:29
With a little girl this really does not surprise me any. I have noticed any girl based toys or clothing always seems to be more than boys. Like legos same size kits girls will be more.
Erin | 05.11.16 @ 14:29
I think it's really hard to tell just based on people's responses. Each individual can be wildly different from others in terms of needs. Raising kids, no matter the gender, is crazy expensive.
Carla | 05.11.16 @ 14:29
My guess was girls. It is nice to see it broke down into categories. A lot of fun info here.
Elaine | 05.11.16 @ 14:30
I feel it doesn't matter if it is a boy or girl, it really depends on the individual. Some children are more involved in things so yes they will cost more. Some are just "high maintenance" children while other just like the bare basics.
Sarah | 05.11.16 @ 14:31
there are several factors not able to be included in something like this... hello hand me downs haha. honestly I find it pretty even so far with my five pack (3 girls, 2 boys)
Daniel | 05.11.16 @ 14:32
Interesting breakdowns on spending on boys and girls .. If only you could choose which you wanted lol
Brittany | 05.11.16 @ 14:34
Interesting, I always assumed that it would cost more to raise a girl , not a boy.
Kailie | 05.11.16 @ 14:37
This was a great break down, however, I really don't know if there's really much truth to it. I don't feel like there was much of a difference when it came to my children.
Stats | 06.11.16 @ 19:29
These numbers are pretty misleading. Why would you compare using the most common response instead of the average? If 11% say $50 and 10% say $20, it doesn't mean that everyone chose $50. I would rather see the averages of the responses. A quick estimate of the average shows (boys vs girls) $178 vs $164 for food, $36 vs $36.50 for school supplies, $78 vs $85 for sports, $66 vs $85 for clothes, $66 vs $73 for transport. So $425 vs $444 monthly and I'm sure that if we have all the data, we'll see that there's no significant difference between the two. But no one would write (or read) an article with the title "No significant difference between costs of raising boys and girls"
karlandmeganscott | 06.17.16 @ 01:26
Based on what you have here, there is one category where boys do cost more than girls and that is in the clothing image. you said girls but you are wrong. Pink is less than the blue- add everything up - boys were 55.8% and girls are 48.9%. So to be fair, there is no real difference in cost except when you look at what extracurricular activities the child is doing because most of those can be expensive and vary. Football players get their outfits free, whereas cheerleaders have to pay for their uniforms - which can be around $500.
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