The ABCs of Americans' Financial Literacy (Infographic)

Grade your own Personal Finance Knowledge

The ABCs of Americans' Financial Literacy (Infographic)
July 12, 2016 What's your biggest financial concern? How would you grade your own knowledge of personal finance? Do you keep a budget? Check out our infographic above to see how you compare to your fellow Americans on these and other money issues.
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Carla | 07.11.16 @ 22:02
My biggest financial concern is not having enough money to ever retire. We seem to have something come up when we start gaining ground. Very interesting infographic.
STOKES | 07.11.16 @ 22:02
These are disappointing facts, but well displayed. And good information to know.
Nancy | 07.11.16 @ 22:02
Give me knowledge of finances I see. And that's why I'm here. To learn more. Interesting information.
irene | 07.11.16 @ 22:03
Count me in among those with financial worries.
Jonathan | 07.11.16 @ 22:03
Infographics make learning fun. Thanks
trish | 07.11.16 @ 22:03
I am so concerned about not having enough in my retirement as well as an emergency fund! This was a great graphic to see where I stand
Heather | 07.11.16 @ 22:05
My biggest concern is not having enough money to retire when we want to. I want to enjoy retirement not work through it.
Erin | 07.11.16 @ 22:05
How can you not be sure if you have financial worries? My goodness. It looks like my top concerns, financially speaking, are similar to others'. I think, beyond retirement, my second biggest worry is being able to send my kids to college. Hopefully some of that worry will start to disappear once we see what kind of loans my kids are able to get.
Wanda Langley | 07.11.16 @ 22:06
I do need to learn more beings that I am retiring about my options concerning retirement.
Jo Ann | 07.11.16 @ 22:10
Interesting information. My biggest financial worry is how to stretch my social security every month as things keep going up and up. Last time I got a SS raise. My rent has went up $40.00 and my medicare prescriptions went up $6.00 per month. So my little $15.00 a month raise but me back $31.00.
reagabgeorge229tg | 07.13.16 @ 15:12
can i get a home loan if i am disadility
reagabgeorge229tg | 07.13.16 @ 15:16
how much of a down payment will i need if i am disabilty
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