Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping Moving Online

Brick-and-Click Retailers Seeing the Largest Sales Increase

Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping Moving Online
November 3, 2025 Black Friday traditionally marks the start of the holiday season sales, but more retailers are now choosing to stay open on Thanksgiving Day itself for the first batch of eager shoppers. Data from last year shows that more of the shopping done over Thanksgiving weekend is now moving online, as consumers place orders from the comfort of their homes and arrange to pick up their purchases in-store. Check out our infographic above for more of the holiday shopping trends.
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Sarah | 11.03.15 @ 17:00
I much prefer shopping online!
Erin | 11.03.15 @ 17:00
I don't do a lot of shopping that weekend, but this would definitely make it more convenient!
Carla | 11.03.15 @ 17:01
I do most of my shopping online anyway so this makes me happy.
Elaine | 11.03.15 @ 17:01
Great breakdown. I always look forward to Black Friday
Britt | 11.03.15 @ 17:02
I prefer shopping online.
Steffanie | 11.03.15 @ 17:02
I love shopping in store and online. It really is entertaining watching some of those people on Black Friday.
Kailie | 11.03.15 @ 17:03
I love shopping and I can't wait for the Holidays!
Sara | 11.03.15 @ 17:03
I do shop some that weekend but for the most part I do not like doing it. The last time I did it was because it was some crazy good deal on something we really needed. I rather do it online. Though I rather not shop during what should be family time.
irene | 11.03.15 @ 17:03
I must never get counted as a holiday shopper. I never wait til after Thanksgiving to finish my shopping.
Jackie | 11.03.15 @ 17:04
Online shopping is so convenient, I love being able to have things delivered to the door.
Kyle | 11.03.15 @ 17:04
This is a great graph.
steven | 11.03.15 @ 17:05
I do not like the black friday concept. I rather the cyber monday.
Bobbie | 11.03.15 @ 17:05
I like this. 5-10 minutes on a computer or 3-4 hours in a store. No brainer.
Jonathan | 11.03.15 @ 17:07
If you have the option to set at home, in your pj's, watching TV or going out and dealing with crazy crowds, why would you?
STOKES | 11.03.15 @ 17:08
I don't do black Friday. I do cyber Monday.
Beverly | 11.03.15 @ 18:00
I do prefer shopping online and missing all the traffic......and hoardes of people!
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