Tax Crime and Punishment (2016 Infographic)

Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations

Tax Crime and Punishment (2016 Infographic)
January 26, 2016

It's not too early to think about paying your taxes. Nor is it too early to think about what happens when you don’t pay your taxes!

The Criminal Investigations (CI) department of the IRS recently released its annual report for the fiscal year from October 2014 to September 2015. See how your tax dollars are used to catch people trying to cheat us out of their tax dollars.

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irene | 01.26.16 @ 19:02
Wow that's a lot of tax crimes.
Nancy | 01.26.16 @ 19:02
That doesn't seem like very many people upholding the laws of 100s of millions of people.
Carla | 01.26.16 @ 19:02
I can't imagine not paying my taxes and living in fear of getting caught.
Erin | 01.26.16 @ 19:03
Interesting statistics. That's a lot of crime going on.
Alec | 01.26.16 @ 19:05
It seems like the investigations and things are down but the punishment rate is up. I will never not pay my taxes. It's crazy how much was forfeited too!
trish | 01.26.16 @ 19:06
I can't get over all the crime going on! I wouldn't sleep if I didn't pay my taxes!
Chrisitna | 01.26.16 @ 19:07
The IRS has way too much power for such a small organization tasked with so many different things... things need to be evened up a bit.
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