Student Loans

Asked by Tyshia
Answered by Ted Rood, Mortgage BrokerPRO+ in Maryland Heights, MO
Yes, fortunately FHA now allows borrowers to qualify using an estimated payment of 1% of their student loan balances. Note that even if the loans are in deferment, or...


Asked by Michael
Answered by Pamela J. Horack, , CFP®PRO+ in Lake Wylie, SC
Hi Michael! I'm a huge fan of paying off debt as soon as possible. You can't build your finances up if you are busy filling in a hole of debt. Make a plan to focus all...
Asked by Greg Weber
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®PRO+ in Redmond, WA
Hi - Student loans can be consolidated, but you can't mix and match private loans and federal loans in the same consolidation package. Like any "loan re-do" the plac...


Asked by Joseph
Answered by Kate Holmes , CFP®PRO+ in Las Vegas, NV
Hi Joseph. That depends on the type of loans. If they're all federal, you can use a Direct Consolidation Loan: ationPape...


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