Asked by Birdyt052
Answered by Paul Carson
Loan Officer in Conshohocken, PA
Asked by vickicastro75
Answered by David Meyers
Financial Adviser in Palo Alto, CA
The IRS will not directly take your state refund - your state won't send the money to the IRS. The state will send you a check (or make a direct deposit). The IRS wi...
Asked by j819Martinez
Answered by Sonia Renea
Financial Adviser in Fort Worth, TX
Are you a 1099 employee or W2?
Asked by sandra.mury
Answered by Deborah Peterson
Financial Advisor in Charlotte, NC
That depends on the type of income it is. Is it social security income? Were taxes withheld on any of the income you received? If yes, then you would need to file t...
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State Taxes

State Taxes
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