State Of Your State (Infographic)

U.S. Employment Rates, GDP and Personal Consumption by State

State Of Your State (Infographic)
February 8, 2016 The employment rate has been rising for 4 years in the USA, but has not yet recovered completely from the recession. What shape is your state in now? Learn the answer in our infographic above.
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Steffanie | 02.08.16 @ 21:01
We seem to be in the middle for the most part. Not a bad place to be, I guess.
Carla | 02.08.16 @ 21:02
Alabama is actually doing better than I would have guessed. This is very interesting.
Erin | 02.08.16 @ 21:03
I expected my state to be a bit higher than it was. Seems like it was pretty much middle-of-the-road on everything. Interesting stats comparing all of the states. Thanks.
Sara | 02.08.16 @ 21:03
Okay that is one way to break it down. We are actually in the middle towards the bottom though. So I guess its not the worse however nowhere near the best. The statistics here actually surprised me.
Brittany | 02.08.16 @ 21:05
I'm in Alabama, and was rather surprised at how well we are doing. I thought it'd be a lot different.
Kaila tubbs | 02.08.16 @ 21:06
Eek I knew California was bad for cost of living but that expenditure chart just proves it..
Kailie | 02.08.16 @ 21:06
California. Basically what I expected. We're a large state with a large population, so we're not in the best of positions.
Nancy | 02.08.16 @ 21:09
We are at one end or the other for the most part. Not surprising.
Elaine | 02.08.16 @ 21:09
Agree with Carla here about Alabama. Glad to see we aren't In the bottom.
Alec | 02.08.16 @ 21:11
It seems like my state is doing well (Florida) as far as jobs go, but it is still pretty difficult to find a job it seems. Places are being more and more picky. I guess they have the luxury of doing so now..
Beverly | 02.08.16 @ 21:11
I love seeing info graphics like this as I always learn something new. It's interesting to see where the states line up
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