Spooky Spending On Halloween 2015

Frightening figures on the cost of Halloween

Spooky Spending On Halloween 2015
October 19, 2015

How will you be celebrating Halloween this year? Don't panic if the day has crept up on you, there is still time to scare up an outfit before the witching hour. Check out our infographic above to see how Americans are spending a scary $6.9 billion on costumes, candy and decorations in 2015. However you choose to spend your Halloween, we wish you and your family a safe and fun evening. Happy haunting!

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Elaine | 10.19.15 @ 14:43
Well I spend nothing in Halloween because I do not celebrate.
Daniel | 10.19.15 @ 14:44
Just another holiday that planning and creative thinking can help offset some of those costs
irene | 10.19.15 @ 14:46
wow that's a lot of spending. I don't buy new decorations or costumes every year. Our biggest halloween expense is all the events we attend. We love haunted houses, hayrides, mazes etc.
Erin | 10.19.15 @ 14:46
That's a lot of money being spent, but if you look for the right deals, you can save a lot of money.
Sarah | 10.19.15 @ 17:01
I don't get it... then again, I wouldn't. That is just an insane amount spent on it!
Britt | 10.19.15 @ 17:02
I have spent an insane amount of money so far for Halloween .
Steffanie | 10.19.15 @ 17:03
No Halloween spending here, but that is an amazing amount!
Kailie | 10.19.15 @ 17:03
This had a lot of great info. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.
Bobbie | 10.19.15 @ 17:04
I spend money on costumes every couple of years for my kiddo, but that's about it.
Nancy | 10.19.15 @ 17:04
It always surprises me how much people do to celebrate this "holiday". I like Halloween but it isn't something that I couldn't live without. I will spend a bit on costumes for my kids (I prefer making do with something I have for myself) and a bit on candy. Total it's under $75 for all of it.
Kyle | 10.19.15 @ 17:05
Amazing graph. I haven't done any of my shopping just yet.
Carla | 10.19.15 @ 17:06
We usually repurpose decorations each year but maybe add one or two new features.
Beverly | 10.19.15 @ 17:09
Interesting numbers, the only one that is up from last year is the one for people to start planning earlier. The only thing I spend money on is the candy.......when it goes on sale!
Angie | 10.19.15 @ 17:10
Halloween has really been built up as a holiday since I was a kid!
Kate | 10.19.15 @ 17:13
My kids make their own costumes each year. We save on spending that way. the only thing we purchase each year is a new trick or treat bag that cost about 2 dollars. We dont' have to buy candy because we don't have a neighborhood that you can trick or treat in. We go to a friends house and trick or treat in her neighborhood.. Saves us money this way. I can not believe some of the prices for costumes now a days.
STOKES | 10.19.15 @ 17:16
I always shop after Halloween for the best deals. I can pick up 5 costumes for less than the retail cost of one. My kids play dress-up all year and have choices for the next year.
gracie | 10.19.15 @ 17:19
Ok well wow?! I had no idea that Halloween was such a money making holiday? As for us our spending won't come anywhere near that! A little creative spirit will have to do!
trish | 10.19.15 @ 17:21
We go to consignment sales for Halloween costumes. This year we spent the most, $10 for two kids costumes head to toe. Lol
Jo Ann | 10.19.15 @ 17:22
I am glad my kids are grown, I buy candy, but don't decorate, and when the candy is gone, the lights go out.
Jonathan | 10.19.15 @ 17:25
When you think how cheap all that stuff is made, think of the profit margins!
Rowan | 10.19.15 @ 17:28
There is not enough money in all of the world for Halloween.
Debbie | 10.20.15 @ 04:40
I spend way too much but I just love Halloween. its the one holiday I have to have and have BIG!!!!!
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