How We'll Thank Our Moms on Mother's Day 2016 (Infographic)

For which women are we buying Gifts?

How We'll Thank Our Moms on Mother's Day 2016 (Infographic)
May 6, 2016

In 2016, Americans will be spending more than $21 billion on Mother's Day! That’s 3.4% more than we did last year. Check out our infographic to see where the money goes. Then, call your mother!

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Elaine | 05.03.16 @ 23:02
I find it interesting that online spending isn't number one in the list. It seems that is they to do all shooing lately. Good to see some still like the conventional way.
Carla | 05.03.16 @ 23:09
I'm surprised at the low percentage of visits. Thats a lot of money but Moms are worth it!
Nancy | 05.03.16 @ 23:23
Wow! That's lot of money! That's quite a boost to the economy.
Erin | 05.03.16 @ 23:23
That's a lot of money being spent. We don't buy gifts for this day. Instead, we spend time talking to our moms on the phone (since we live so far away from them), thanking them for all the sacrifices they made for us and being awesome people all around. Lots of interesting information up there, though!
gracie | 05.03.16 @ 23:26
IT's good everyone is spoiling their mom's! I was surprised how much money was being spent but not as many visits? I'll take the visit over the gifts please!
Jackie | 05.03.16 @ 23:27
Although I like shopping online, I prefer shopping in person for gifts such as mother's day gifts.
Beverly | 05.03.16 @ 23:43
I was surprised by some of the percentages......... That they were so low, I expected a little higher numbers. I always love the infographics
Victor | 05.03.16 @ 23:45
oh wow i can not beleive, we spend all that money in mothers day, not that they dont deserve it
Alec | 05.03.16 @ 23:48
I'll personally be calling my Mom since we live several states away. My husband and daughter always hand make cards for me. My husband did agree to let me buy my own gift this year though and it probably falls under "other" since it's a piece for my collection I started 23 years ago.
Jane | 05.03.16 @ 23:49
I understand why there's a high percentage for phone calls. All of my mother's six children call her on Mother's Day, which includes two children who still live near her and will also visit her.
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