Social Security Trust Funds (Infographic)

Supporting the Present and Planning the Future

Social Security Trust Funds (Infographic)
April 5, 2016 Worried about the future of Social Security? According to the latest report from the Social Security Board of Trustees, the Disability Insurance portion is predicted to run out later this year! Learn about the solvency of Social Security in our infographic above.
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Carla | 04.06.16 @ 14:35
It is scary to think our disabled and elderly may not be taken care of. I hope there is a solution in the works. Very interesting graphic here.
Erin | 04.06.16 @ 14:35
There is a lot of information to digest there. I worry the whole system is going to collapse when the baby boomer generation really hits and there aren't enough workers to cover the expenses.
Jonathan | 04.06.16 @ 14:37
If you're betting on SS covering all your retirement, maybe you should reconsider...
STOKES | 04.06.16 @ 14:38
I've always assumed that Social Security isn't going to be there when I need it. The system just isn't built for long term sustainability.
Sarah | 04.06.16 @ 14:38
this infographic, while cute, is not very reassuring.
irene | 04.06.16 @ 14:39
No matter what is or is not done social security benefits are not sufficient for most people to live on so hopefully people are saving what they can for when the time comes to retire
Steffanie | 04.06.16 @ 14:40
This a ton of information and personally doesn't panit a soothing picture. Looking for other income in the later years, sounds like a more secure option.
Kamie | 04.06.16 @ 14:43
It is crazy to see it all graphed out like that. I knew that there will be a possibility that the elderly will not be taken cared for, but I also never knew that all this goes down a chain of command either. It is interesting to see that there are more than just section determining all of this.
Chrisitna | 04.06.16 @ 14:43
So much uncertainty... there definitely need to be changes made to the entire system before it implodes.
Nancy | 04.06.16 @ 14:48
There are a lot of alarming figures in the infographic. A lot of people will be affected.
L | 09.25.16 @ 12:22
Another solution would be getting rid of half the dead weight Bureaucrats who use up waaaaay more than they offer.
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